The path less obvious.

The Word Press photo challenge, the last one of the year, is the word PATH.   Well there are paths that are clear and easy to follow and other paths that are less obvious.

Adversity is the first path to truth.”      Lord Byron

In my riding and training I have moments when the path seems clear. I understand what my coach wants and it is fairly simple to follow that path. But there are other times when the whole thing remains a muddled mystery. That’s when the committee in my head says: “You  are not going to get anywhere with this.”

The path does not always follow a clearly laid out route on the ground. In my riding I find that sometimes I have to stop thinking and just  feel my way. And then quite suddenly an opening appears in the midst of the muddle. I can see through to the other side!








3 responses to “The path less obvious.”

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  2. Suzanne Avatar

    This is an interesting post. I like the way you take an example from your own life and use it as a metaphor that applies to us all.


    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Suzanne. Horses are great teachers and mine teaches me about myself on many occasions!

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