The Siren Call of the Forest Trail

Monday.  Like millions of workers the world over Monday means the weekend is over and it’s back to work.   It is thus for Biasini and me as well.

Monday. It’s a beautiful sunny day. Warm but not too hot to ride in the sunshine. Let’s go up to the outdoor arena.

I love the outdoor and there it was in all it’s glory freshly harrowed and nary a hoof print on it.   We warm up. Walk. Trot. Canter.   Then a bit of leg yield head facing out along the track.

Monday. The manure pile removers had arrived. I could hear them down the hill with their gigantic tractor trailer wheezing and whistling. Their mammoth power shovel that beep, beep, beeped as it backed up to dump the manure into the trailer.  A cacophony of noise.

But above all that I could hear it. I heard the call. The Siren Call of the Forest Trail.

“Come on! Come on into the forest! The trails are waiting for you cool and shaded. Beautiful. Peaceful. Green.  Biasini heard the call. I know he did.

So we yielded to that Siren call  and went for a hack in the forest.  We left the arena behind and off we went.  Bliss!






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