Rio 2016 It’s a Wrap!

Photo credit : COC DavidJacksonPhoto

I’m experiencing some Olympic withdrawal symptoms. There is no rowing or kayaking or canoeing to watch at breakfast and no swimming, athletics, or triathlon to watch at other intervals during the day. No laptop with live streaming of the dressage at the barn. No evening replays of the days events.  Well , it was great while it lasted!

Here are some of my favourites.

New Stars! New Sports!

Andre de Grasse! Women’s Rugby Sevens! BMX!   All amazing!

Most Honorable Mention!

Alan Dunfee, race walker in the gruelling 50 k race walk. He finished 4th but then the Japanese race walker who came 3rd was eliminated as he had bumped Dunfee. Dunfee had the Bronze. Then the Japanese filed a complaint and the Japanese race walker was reinstated. Dunfee did not have the Bronze. He was asked if he wanted to file a complaint with the CAS.Dunfee said no, he did not. That was not the way he wanted to win a medal.  He is a sportsman of honor!

Team Canada’s Evan Dunfee compete in the men’s 50km race walk at Pontal Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thursday August 18, 2016. COC Photo/David Jackson


A BIG Shout Out to our Canadian Equestrians: the Eventing Team, Jumping Team ( Bravo to Bronze  Medallist Eric Lamaze!) and our two individual Dressage riders Megan Lane and Belinda Trussell.


And….the Greats we may not see at the Olympics again .

Michael Phelps. Usain, the lightening, Bolt and Charlotte and Valegro.   When Charlotte and Valegro are in the competition ring they are one entity. Charlegro.  There are teams and partnerships in human sport but nothing, absolutely nothing can touch the team that consists of a human and a member of another species. This is unique on our planet. This is Equestrian sport. And the pinnacle of this team partnership comes with a human and a horse like Charlotte and Valegro. They are indeed one entity. Hence….Charlegro.  


Photo credit: Jaime Porter photos.


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