Sinew-X Plus Product Review

Omega Alpha describes their product Sinew X Plus as a supplement that “can be used to maintain normal healthy joint, muscles and ligaments.”  It contains D-Glucosamine Sulphate and Hyaluronic Acid as well as other herbal ingredients to support joints, cartilage and ligaments. It does not contain MSM as this is no longer permitted in FEI competition.  A loading dose of 30 cc is given twice daily for 7 to 10 days and then maintenance dose of 30 cc once daily. All of Omega Alpha’s products are based on proven scientific research and testing.

The importance of support for joints, muscles and ligaments in elite athletes is paramount. I have always felt it was important to give a joint supplement to my horses. I know that Biasini has been on a joint supplement since before I bought him two years ago and I have continued with that. Biasini has conformation that is ideal for the discipline of dressage. He has not shown any joint issues or problems but  nonetheless I feel that supplements for joints are a necessary preventative measure.

Biasini’s conformation is ideal for dressage.

When Omega Alpha asked me to try the Sinew –X Plus I was interested to see if would make a difference. Since I had not had any joint problems with Biasini I was not sure how I would know if it was successful or making a difference. I started him on the Sinew-X Plus at the end of January. At the beginning of January he had been seen by an equine massage therapist that specializes in competition horses. He had found that Biasini had some sore and inflamed muscles in the sacrum and hip areas.  When I started him on the Sinew-X Plus I wondered if it would produce any difference in the muscles. The massage therapist came again when he had been on it for two weeks. Now there was some muscle tightness in his left sacrum but not as sore or inflamed as it had been before.

After six weeks on Sinew-X Plus the massage therapist found there was only a small amount of tightness in his left sacrum. By this time we were also competing in shows and continuing in full training five days a week.  The therapist’s last visit before we returned to Canada came on a Monday at the end of March when Biasini had just been competing for three days and had trailered for an hour to and from the show.  This time the therapist said he was amazed that after showing and trailering he found no areas of tightness or soreness.

Biasini had also been checked by an equine chiropractor while at the show and he found no areas out of alignment or areas of soreness. Often if the horse is sore they will compensate and put themselves out of alignment.
A strong and comfortable hind end is necessary for pirouettes.


Since the Sinew –X Plus also addresses the muscles and ligaments I have to think that it had helped Biasini during these months of intensive training and competing. We compete at the Prix St. George level and this requires a high degree of collection and certainly puts some strain on the hind end to support some of the advanced movements required.

I have decided to keep Biasini on this supplement.

**I was not paid or compensated for this review. It is my own valid and honest opinion with information of my own or as appropriately sourced.**


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  1. Did not know MSM was off the FEI list. Good to know! I’ll have to read the latest on it. Taking it myself in a joint supp, but not sure how much of a difference it makes.


    1. anne leueen says:

      It is only a concern if you are competing in a CDI or CSI. Omega Alpha sponsor a number of riders who compete internationally so when the new rule came in they adjusted the product. They also have one with MSM. I’m like you I tried it for myself but did not notice much so I just take glucosamine and chondroitin. I find that is helpful at my age and stage!!


      1. I wouldn’t be able to walk without it 😉


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