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  • Your horse is clipped. Now he’s itchy! What can you do?

    Your horse is clipped. Now he’s itchy! What can you do?

    Biasini has had his first body clip.I always find that after the clip he gets itchy and his skin seems dry. Also there is little shine to his coat. What to do?I spray him with Omega Alpha’s Herba Coat and use a soft brush to brush it into his coat. It contains citronella, lavender, neem…

  • Biasini Speaks: A product review.

    Biasini Speaks: A product review.

    Hello Dear Humans. Usually Ma Leueen writes all the reviews of products but this time I am going to give my opinion. The product is made by Omega Alpha and it is called Gastra FX. I know you are amazed I could spell those words. Truth be told Ma Leueen typed them for me. Anyway…..…

  • Review:Eqclusive Brush Set

    Review:Eqclusive Brush Set

    Carl Callahan ,the barn manager at Oakcrest Farm, has a grey horse. A Dapple grey. If you have ever had a grey horse you will know that grooming is a major occupation with greys. I kept hearing Carl singing the praises of a set of brushes he had bought for his horse. I went over…

  • How to use Herba Coat in winter.

    How to use Herba Coat in winter.

    Does your horse have dry skin in winter? Dandruff? Dry rubbed spots from blanket wearing? I think most of us who have horses in colder winter climates deal with all of these problems. I have found a product that helps a great deal. Omega Alpha’s Herba Coat. Herba Coat is usually an after bath conditioner.…

  • Product Review: Equine Field Spray

    Product Review: Equine Field Spray

    The summer is almost over and I am hoping the bugs are almost over too. I love to take Biasini and go for a trail ride in the forest but the summer bugs can make it a miserable experience. There are mosquitoes, flies and worst of all deer flies. These little blighters latch on and…

  • Hand-washing! My Favorite Soap.

    Hand-washing! My Favorite Soap.

    Wash your hands! Wash your hands! Wash your hands! That is the mantra for health in this time of Covid 19. I like bar soap rather than soap dispensed from a bottle with a pump. And my favorite soaps are made by the Equus Soap Company. I have been using their Bit Balm for my…

  • Review: Equi-Clean Wipes!

    Review: Equi-Clean Wipes!

    We give them FIVE STARS!

  • Happy Canada Day!

    Happy Canada Day!

    Just like a human athlete he needs support to perform his best.

  • Preparing for the Journey.

    Preparing for the Journey.

    On December 18, before there is light in the sky I will be at the barn to get Biasini ready for his trip to Florida. But the preparations for this trip have already begun. For the last few days I have had him on Omega Alpha’s Immune Plus.  As you may know I like many…

  • Sod’s Law!

    Sod’s Law!

    Tetda came to the rescue.

  • Happy Canadian Day!

    Happy Canadian Day!

    Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!  With the tempest of tariffs, trade wars and currency fluctuations I am grateful that there are several products that are made right here in Canada that I like to use for my horse Biasini. So I am going to make an annual Canada Day repost of reviews. I…

  • Product Review: Omega Alpha’s Tetda

    Product Review: Omega Alpha’s Tetda

    “Biasini came in with several scratches on his right hind leg. It looks like he may have rolled and got his leg stuck under the fence.  He’s sound and there are no deep cuts. When will we be seeing you?”   This was the text I received  on December 27, 2017, the first day of the…