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  • Water water everywhere!

    Water water everywhere!

    The weather has been hot, hot, hot and the birds both big and small have been grateful for the bird baths. It is the first time I have seen one of the mourning doves in the bird bath having a splash. At first I saw this dove in the bath and it was taking a […]

  • FOTD: A nice rain gave us WWE.

    FOTD: A nice rain gave us WWE.

    Today we have had rain on and off since the morning.So it has been a water, water, everywhere, kind of day. Just a nice light rain but much needed as it has been very dry with a lot of wind. I am still more or less at home moving slowly with Willie Walker. I looked […]

  • Water, Water, Everywhere Wednesday

    Water, Water, Everywhere Wednesday

    Water Water Everywhere with a Great White Heron looking for his lunch.

  • Rain! Rain! Rain! Water Everywhere!

    Rain! Rain! Rain! Water Everywhere!

    We have just had about five weeks of hot weather and drought. But this past weekend,to the farmers’ delight, the rains came! On Monday afternoon we had a veritable deluge! You may remember our little birdbath.No birds were bathing in the downpour. Last weekend was a long holiday weekend. This truck and its’ camper top […]

  • Water Water Everywhere!

    Water Water Everywhere!

    The bluebirds are feeling the heat. Here are two splashing about in the birdbath. The Patriarch Blue Bird watches and he keeps an eye out for squirrels and others who may interrupt the bathing. One bluebird has already had her bath and waits for her two friends.Two small sparrows are waiting their turn. When the […]