Rain! Rain! Rain! Water Everywhere!

We have just had about five weeks of hot weather and drought. But this past weekend,to the farmers’ delight, the rains came! On Monday afternoon we had a veritable deluge! You may remember our little birdbath.No birds were bathing in the downpour.

Our driveway was running water!

Last weekend was a long holiday weekend. This truck and its’ camper top were heading home on Monday and had to shwoosh through the water on the road in front of our house.

This was another Water, Water Everywhere experience. For the farmers around us ,who have been watching their soy bean crops wilt in the heat and drought,this rain was welcome. It has perked up our toast dry lawn as well.


8 responses to “Rain! Rain! Rain! Water Everywhere!”

  1. wholelottarosie Avatar

    Your photos of the heavy rain are very impressive, Anne
    In Germany is the rain of the past few days also very welcome to our farmers.
    However, more precipitation is needed to compensate for the high deficits of recent years.
    Greetings from the beautiful Rhine-Highlands / Germany …

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Greetings to you Rosie from South Ontario Canada! My horse Biasini, who sometimes “speaks” on the blog is from Germany. I don;t know where he was born but he is a Hanoverian breed. We have had more regular rain now but still above average temperatures so lots of thunderstorms. Have a good weekend!

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  2. Photos by Jez Avatar

    Everything will be fresh & green again, & veritable deluge is a perfect description 😃

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  3. Irene Avatar

    Yay for rain. 😊

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  4. susiesopinions Avatar

    Just hope you don’t get too much. We go from drought to flooding, or visa versa

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      We are supposed to get back to sunshine tomorrow. But we often have the saying from one extreme to the other just like you.


  5. dprastka Avatar

    What a nice reprieve!! That’s a lot of water! YAY!! 😃

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Yes it is. Tomorrow we are back to sunshine but we had more good rain today.

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