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  • $500,000 Rolex CSI 5*An Exciting Night!

    $500,000 Rolex CSI 5*An Exciting Night!

    The final ‘Saturday Night Lights’ was a very exciting night of show jumping. There were a total of 40 horses and riders and amoung them several of the best in the world. But the course designed by Guilherme Jorge was full of difficult questions for these riders . The second pair to go Richard Vogel…

  • CSIO4* Nations Cup

    CSIO4* Nations Cup

    I will not keep you in suspense about who won the Nations Cup jumping at WEF last night. It was Canada!! The first round took place in the afteroon and in the evening the top eight teams went again. The leader going into the second round was Belgium with only 4 faults from the afternoon,…

  • The Show Season is up and running!

    The Show Season is up and running!

    Today I went to the opening Press Conference of the Winter Equestrian Festival and the Adequan Global Dressage Festival.  Michael Stone, President at Wellington International, Brianne Goutal -Marteau , Adrienne Lyle and Thomas Bauer,Director of Sport at AGDF were on the panel. Michael Stone was the first to speak. “Our focus is always on the…

  • I am Official!

    I am Official!

    I will be intereviewing the Canadian Dressage Riders who have declared for the Pan Am Games in Chile.

  • The Battle of the Sexes!

    The Battle of the Sexes!

    Saturday, January 7, saw the annual Battle of the Sexes competition at the Winter Equestrian Festival. This battle has been held for the past 14 years and the Girls team has won no less than 11 times. But would they win this time? The two teams consist of 10 riders on each team and there…

  • $1.8 Million. Where did they spend it?

    $1.8 Million. Where did they spend it?

    The Great Charity Challenge 2022 raised $1.8million. Where did they spend the funds raised? Here is the answer from Equestrian Sport Productions. A YEAR OF IMPACT IN REVIEW – $1.8 Million at Work  Wellington, FL – September 23, 2022 – The 13th Annual Great Charity Challenge sponsored by Fidelity Investments® (GCC), held at Wellington International…

  • I’ve never seen anything like this!

    I’ve never seen anything like this!

    The Great Charity Challenge: horses and riders in costumes riding for charity and for 2022 raising $1.7 Million for local charities! This is, without any doubt, a tremendously entertaining evening. At the start there was a new challenge: children and their favorite animals who had paired up with a local charity. Judged for costumes, of…

  • Virtual Press Conference opens the Florida Show Season.

    Virtual Press Conference opens the Florida Show Season.

    The Florida Show season has begun!

  • Taking Flight!

    Taking Flight!

    Taking flight. Tina has given us this challenge for the Lens Artists challenge #144. The usual response would be birds or planes but why not horses? These jumpers are truly taking flight. Thank you Tina for the chance to show some flying horses! For readers of this post do take a look at the amazing…

  • From Beijing to Biasini: My Photography Journey.

    From Beijing to Biasini: My Photography Journey.

    I started to take an interest in photography back in 1980 on a three week trip to China with a group of horticulturalists. That was back in the days of film. It came in handy little cannisters and you had to load it into your camera. On that trip to China I mastered the art…

  • Monday Minstrel: Equestrians Shopping!

    Monday Minstrel: Equestrians Shopping!

    I was at the Winter Equestrian Festival yesterday.It was a busy Saturday; competition in the Grand Hunter ring, jumpers in the International ring and activity and competition in the other rings . There are 12 rings and also warm up rings so it was BUSY! I was there to collect boots from Der Dau boots…

  • Let the shows begin!

    Let the shows begin!

    Today was the opening press conference for the Winter Equestrian Festival and the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. WHO WAS THERE? Alex Granato. member of the Pan Am Games US show jumping team. Bronze medalist. Chris Payne Top hunter rider and trainer Sarah Lockman Individual gold medalist 2019 Pan Am Games and team silver medalist. Beezie…