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  • A Glimpse of Life from My Kitchen Window.

    A Glimpse of Life from My Kitchen Window.

    This past weekend I took part in the Great Backyard Bird Count. This is a world wide effort with thousands of people watching, identifying, counting, and reporting the birds they see. The final count is as follows: Species observed 6236 Completed checklists 302,400 World regions 253 Canada came in second place with 262 species observed…

  • Monday Minstrel: How do birds survive the Polar Vortex?

    Monday Minstrel: How do birds survive the Polar Vortex?

    The Polar Vortex has descended. As the name sounds it is a broad swath of arctic air that descends onto Canada and spills on down into the northern US. I look at the little birds that come to our bird feeder and I wonder how they survive in the severe cold. This winter I am…

  • Sunday Stills: All Puffed Up!

    Sunday Stills: All Puffed Up!

    The weather here has been very cold . All the little birds come to our feeder to tuck in .When they go for a rest in the nearby trees they puff up to keep warm. I am sharing some photos for Terri’s Sunday Stills

  • Winter Stills!

    Winter Stills!

    “How many lessons of faith and beauty we should lose, if there were no winter in our year!” — Thomas Wentworth Higginson The swans of the summer are long gone and the small lake is frozen. The pasture that had cows is deserted, the grass covered in snow. Clouds skim over the frozen landscape. The horses all…

  • Some Frosty Sunday Stills

    Some Frosty Sunday Stills

    Friday morning we woke to -12 Celsius and our weather station told us it would feel like -17 C. But look what the cold had produced over night. A coating of frost on every branch of every tree. So much beauty! I ran around our house taking photos from all the windows. And Terri’s Sunday…

  • Happy Places and Hideaways

    Happy Places and Hideaways

    Nature is undaunted by the pandemic.

  • The Fifth Half Pass

    The Fifth Half Pass

    When they get to the fifth half pass they breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Time Passes….

    Time Passes….

    Time after time after time.