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  • Spring is Emerging!

    Spring is Emerging!

    Terri has given the Sunday Stills challenge of “Emerging” this week Here is my response. Look who’s here with his breeding plumage emerging from the winter subtle colors. And in a few days he has emerged in his full yellow glory . The American Goldfinch has got a seed to eat from the feeder. Below […]

  • Stills and video on a Spring Sunday!

    Stills and video on a Spring Sunday!

    Terri has given us the suggestion of Fabulous Seasonal Flowers for Sunday Stills. Here in Ontario we have only small hints of spring. The weather has been cold and last week we had a blizzard! Snow everywhere! But all the flowers I am going to show you survived! That survival, in itself, is fabulous! And […]

  • Think #Pink for Sunday Stills.

    Think #Pink for Sunday Stills.

    Lots of pink in our garden to appear in Terri’s Sunday Stills color for June :PINK And I have to do a throwback to a previous Sunday Stills: Celestial. I was sitting on our back deck thinking pink and could not resist taking this photo. Celestial Clouds skimming across the sky.

  • Sunday Family Outing

    Sunday Family Outing

  • A Rosy Winter Sunrise

    A Rosy Winter Sunrise

    This is my response to Terri’s Sunday Stills Challenge #Rosy Outlook

  • Winter Stills!

    Winter Stills!

    “How many lessons of faith and beauty we should lose, if there were no winter in our year!” — Thomas Wentworth Higginson The swans of the summer are long gone and the small lake is frozen. The pasture that had cows is deserted, the grass covered in snow. Clouds skim over the frozen landscape. The horses all […]

  • Some Frosty Sunday Stills

    Some Frosty Sunday Stills

    Friday morning we woke to -12 Celsius and our weather station told us it would feel like -17 C. But look what the cold had produced over night. A coating of frost on every branch of every tree. So much beauty! I ran around our house taking photos from all the windows. And Terri’s Sunday […]

  • Sunday Stills

    Sunday Stills

    There were literally hundreds of them.

  • Warmth in the Sunday Stills

    Warmth in the Sunday Stills

    Warmth can refer to the physical temperature and to the atmosphere in a social situation. This has been a cold spring here in Ontario and we have had little warmth. The birds waiting to get to our feeders are puffing up to keep warm. Some are here in their breeding plumage but the spring warmth […]