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  • Spring Festival 2023 Week 7

    Spring Festival 2023 Week 7

    The Star Magnolia is one of my Spring favorites. Sadly after these photos were taken we had a week of cold wet weather and now the blossoms look somewhat sad. But that is how it’s been this spring. I submit these photos for Dawn’s Festival of Spring 2023

  • I’m a Fan of Star Magnolia!

    I’m a Fan of Star Magnolia!

    Outside our kitchen eating area there is a star Magnolia. Just a week ago it looked like this. Then we had some sunshine and warmer temperatures. And now… The whole tree is covered in beautiful starry blooms. Here is closer look. This is why I am a fan of Star Magnolia. This is my selection…

  • Stars on Sunday

    Stars on Sunday

    The Star Magnolia!

  • FOTD: Star Magnolia

    FOTD: Star Magnolia

    We have had a cold spring here in Ontario. But, at last, a week ago the Star Magnolia was able to open its blooms. Sadly last weekend the temperatures plunged to record lows and we had snow! This decimated the poor Star Magnolia blossoms and now they are brown and wilted. I did take a…

  • Warmth in the Sunday Stills

    Warmth in the Sunday Stills

    Warmth can refer to the physical temperature and to the atmosphere in a social situation. This has been a cold spring here in Ontario and we have had little warmth. The birds waiting to get to our feeders are puffing up to keep warm. Some are here in their breeding plumage but the spring warmth…