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  • May 16 FOTD Violets!

    May 16 FOTD Violets!

    The violets are blooming. They may be tiny but I think their color and beauty make up for the fact that their size makes it difficult to pick them. Here are a few that I brought in from our garden. I also submit these photos to Cee’s Flower of the Day photo challenge.

  • I’m a Fan of Star Magnolia!

    I’m a Fan of Star Magnolia!

    Outside our kitchen eating area there is a star Magnolia. Just a week ago it looked like this. Then we had some sunshine and warmer temperatures. And now… The whole tree is covered in beautiful starry blooms. Here is closer look. This is why I am a fan of Star Magnolia. This is my selection…

  • Spring 2022  arrives at last!

    Spring 2022 arrives at last!

    Their arrival is one that brings joy!

  • Stills and video on a Spring Sunday!

    Stills and video on a Spring Sunday!

    Terri has given us the suggestion of Fabulous Seasonal Flowers for Sunday Stills. Here in Ontario we have only small hints of spring. The weather has been cold and last week we had a blizzard! Snow everywhere! But all the flowers I am going to show you survived! That survival, in itself, is fabulous! And…

  • Spring 2022!

    Spring 2022!

    On Easter Sunday morning I woke up to this. But by 1pm it looked like this I snatched up my camera and went out to take a few photos of the brave spring flowers. Just when I thought it was safe to assume that spring was almost here this happened. April 18 in the afternoon.…

  • Spring Beauty FOTD

    Spring Beauty FOTD

    I have been admiring some of the flowers in the garden. I had to get out and take some photos as the weather has turned very hot and I know they cannot last in this heat. First of all the Allium. Then in honor of Cee Neuner who loves the Iris here are my Iris…

  • This is Spring!

    This is Spring!

    We have had some above average warm weather and the flowers are blooming . Here are some from our garden.Does anyone know what these little beauties are ? Here are two small tulips that were opened up to let in the sunlight. Here are the daffodils! They are looking out and saying ;“Hello World!” All…