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  • Riding the Dressage Horse like a Western Reiner!

    Riding the Dressage Horse like a Western Reiner!

    I was having trouble with the shoulder in. Coach Belinda Trussell recognized what the problem was. “You are using too much inside rein. Try using both reins and neck rein him like a Western horse.” I did that but the inside are was still too dominant so I took my whip and held it horizontally […]

  • “Phew”! But then “Uh Oh”!

    “Phew”! But then “Uh Oh”!

    I’m sure I am not the only amateur rider who gets through a difficult movement and thinks “Whew! Nailed it!” and then “Uh Oh!” I have lost something; the frame, the impulsion, the bend, there is always something that disappears in that split second of jubilation. In my Friday lesson this past week Belinda had […]

  • Riding Between Moments.

    Riding Between Moments.

    Lesson with Belinda Trussell. Ride two hands and two legs equally.