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  • How to Live like a Daffodil

    How to Live like a Daffodil

    Yesterday I posted about the sudden disappearance of our spring weather. The poor daffodils were weighed down with wet snow. In the afternoon the snow had gone but several of the daffodils’ stems had broken. I went out and cut them off short , put them in a small mug with water. Some were still…

  • The Weather Gods are Laughing!

    The Weather Gods are Laughing!

    This morning our 6 year old Grandson woke his parents at 6:15 am . “Guess what ? Mom,,,Dad,… There’s SNOW.” Well at his age this may be exciting but it is April 21st ! This is Spring’s little joke. The birds were not too happy about it and neither were the daffodils. Here are some…