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  • Looking Back.LAPC

    Looking Back.LAPC

    I am getting this post in just under the wire as tomorrow there will be a new challenge for the week. But for this week Sophia gave us the photo Challenge of “Looking Back” . I am a believer in not looking back as I am not going that way but here goes. Here is…

  • Biasini Speaks: Here’s my Textures.

    Biasini Speaks: Here’s my Textures.

    So Ma Leueen told me that the Lens Artists Challenge this week is Textures. She said she has the flew! Oh…. now she says that’s not how you spell it. Well I didn’t think Ma Leueen was a flying human Seems it is spelled FLU. She told me she didn’t feel like doing a blog…

  • Why are these my favorite Flowers? LAPC #221

    Why are these my favorite Flowers? LAPC #221

    This week Ann-Christine had given us the Lens Artists Photo Challenge of showing photos of our favorite flowers and and explaining why they are favorites. Do take a look at Ann Christine’s LAPC #221 post to see her beautiful photos of her favorite flowers. Click here to go to her post.

  • Opposites LAPC #217

    Opposites LAPC #217

    Thank you Tina for an irresistible challenge. Please click on this link to see Tina’s opposites and in the comments links to other bloggers responses.

  • Lens Artists Challenge: Urban Environments

    Lens Artists Challenge: Urban Environments

    This is my response to Sofia’s lens artists challenge of Urban Environments. Do take a look at her post . She has some wonderful photos of different urban environments. Other bloggers responses can be found in the comments.

  • Motion!


    This week Patti gave us the challenge of Motion for the Lens Artists Photo Challenge #212. Thank you Patti for this challenge. I don’t do much action photography as I usually need sharp clear horse photos . But it was fun to look through the archives and see what I could find. Do take a…

  • My Photographic Groove!

    My Photographic Groove!

    Anne Sandler, of Slow Shutter Speed blog, has given us this weeks lens artists photo challenge. ” What is your photographic groove? Well, it is not hard for me to answer that. Horses and horse photographs. When I started blogging I quickly realized that taking photos of horses was not so easy. They are always…

  • Three Favorites:LAPC

    Three Favorites:LAPC

    Only three photos for this challenge .

  • Surreal LAPC #209

    Surreal LAPC #209

    Real photos of a “surreal” moment: horses in mid air.

  • Seeing Double. LAPC #207

    Seeing Double. LAPC #207

    This challenge was for reflections. Not having any of those I took a different route.

  • Treasures LAPC #206

    Treasures LAPC #206

    This week Aletta has given us the challenge of “Treasures”.Here are mine: First of all my son and daughter. Both photos were taken at my daughter’s wedding in 2018. My next treasure is my health . I am a survivor of colorectal cancer and also of systemic scleroderma. This historic photo below, was hanging on…

  • LAPC # 205 The Eyes Have It.

    LAPC # 205 The Eyes Have It.

    This week Tina has given us the challenge The Eyes Have It. Here are my responses. Thank you Tina for this challenge . If you would like to see Tina’s post and the fascinating eyes she posted click here.