Last on the card.

June 30th 2022. And already it is time to show my last photo on the card for Brian at Bushboys “Last on the card” photo challenge. As some of you may know I am laid up with a hip fracture.I can get about with my walker, who I have named Willie Walker. We live in…

Last on the Card.

Here is my “last on the card” for Bushboy’s challenge. No editing done on this gem! Asparagus! Just cut from our asparagus patch. This patch is at the back side of our house. We never fertilize it, barely weed it, and each spring we just take down the dead growth from the previous year. And…

Last photo on the Card

This is my response to Bushboys World last photo challenge taken with my Samsung cell phone out of the car window on March 31st. . We were stopped at traffic lights I was NOT taking photos and driving at the same time.

Last on the card.

Here is my “last on the card” for February. This is my response to Bushboy’s last on the card challenge. No editing or explanations. Here it is.

Last Photo August 2021

This is the last photo on my phone. August 31 and this is my response to Bushboy’s “Last on the card” Why not post your “last” photos.? The rules are simple:1. Post the last photo on your SD card or last photo on your phone for the 31st August.2. No editing – who cares if…