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  • Reflections and Shadows: CFFC

    Reflections and Shadows: CFFC

    REFLECTIONS This photo was taken at the Barbican in London. My husband took it with my camera. You can see him on the right . Our son is in the center. You can see reflections of things in the room such as the overhead lights and also you can see outside to the buildings in…

  • Focus on the Subject

    Focus on the Subject

    How to get the viewers eyes to focus on the subject!

  • Negative Space

    Negative Space

    When I saw that Amy has given us Negative Space as this week’s Lens Artists challenge I had to smile. I thought perhaps this could be a new phrase for the 6 foot distance we must keep away from other people due to Covid spread! But no, it is a reference to photographic space. Amy…

  • Chihuly:Reflections on Nature

    Chihuly:Reflections on Nature

    Sunday October 27 was the last day of the Chihuly exhibition of glass sculptures at Kew Gardens. I had been waiting to see this and the weather deities granted a beautiful sunny day. The sculptures are dotted about through the gardens with several in the Temperate house. The first one greeted us at the Victoria…