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  • Happy Birthday Biasini!

    Happy Birthday Biasini!

    On January 17, 2005, in the North of Germany, four little hooves hit the ground. This little fellow grew up to be branded into the Hanoverian Verband. His breeder Inga Bulle knew she had a nice colt and she gave him the name Biasini. His father was Belissimo M and his mother Diva ( she…

  • Hot Climate or Cold Climate?

    Hot Climate or Cold Climate?

    “We got through the summer!” This was a comment I heard on a sheep station in central Australia years ago. I thought that in many parts of Canada we talk about ‘getting through the winter’. When I heard the Australian speaking about getting through the summer I thought I would rather ‘get through’ heat than…

  • I am NOT letting that Old Gal in either!

    I am NOT letting that Old Gal in either!

    Every horse has something to give you. Those are valuable gifts.

  • Silent Sunday

    Silent Sunday

    All photos by Joanna Jodko Photography. White Fences Show February 22,23 2019

  • It takes a Village!

    It takes a Village!

    We have all heard that it takes a village to get an athlete, any athlete, in any sport, into the competition arena. Well it applies even to me, an older amateur dressage rider! Here are some fun photos of my “village”.Thank you Lisa Landis for snapping these. In this first photo the caption could be…

  • Sometimes it’s not about the ribbons or the score.

    Sometimes it’s not about the ribbons or the score.

    Don’t get me wrong…it’s wonderful to get a great score or a first place ribbon. But sometimes it is about something else. Biasini and I were off to White Fences for a show this past weekend. Biasini into the trailer and away we go. We did a nice schooling session, Biasini knows this show ground…

  • The White Elephant Gift Challenge

    The White Elephant Gift Challenge

    Fellow blogger Subbashini of Exploring the World Around Us gave me a “gift” as part of the White Elephant Challenge. Her gift was her drawing of a horse.  Subbashini illustrates her blog posts with lovely drawings and I was honored to have received this horse gift. This Challenge is to give the gift of a…

  • I am that Unlikely Success Story!

    I am that Unlikely Success Story!

    But another surgeon took up the challenge….

  • I’d Rather Be….and I am!

    I’d Rather Be….and I am!

    Without riding and my horse my life would be very different!