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  • Blue Monday? Not for me!

    Blue Monday? Not for me!

    Hope at Every Turn!

  • Success!


    Belinda has been tireless encouraging me to persist.

  • Do It Anyways!

    Do It Anyways!

    This week my coach Belinda Trussell has been getting me to make up my own mind about what needs to be done every moment of my riding. Does Biasini need a half halt? A correction? Belinda is resisting telling me what to do and watching to see what my decisions are. So I have to…

  • The Back to Basics Spiral.

    The Back to Basics Spiral.

    Round. Like a circle in a spiral. Like a wheel within a wheel. Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel. Lyrics from Windmills of your mind. Going back to the basics. How often do we hear this as riders? We are always going ‘back to the basics’. But it does not mean we…

  • Ride! Ride! Ride!

    Ride! Ride! Ride!

    I recently had the privilege of watching Christilot Boylen teach Belinda Trussell and Belinda’s assistant trainer Lynsey Rowan.  I say it is a privilege because both of these riders could say they preferred their lessons to be private.  But since I am  student of Belinda’s I was able to watch. Christilot is a seven time…

  • Will Tryon 2018 be the last WEG?

    Will Tryon 2018 be the last WEG?

    FEI World Equestrian Games Tryon 2018. Eight equestrian disciplines. Competitors from 70 countries. 1000 horses.  For some there were golden moments. For others it was a debacle and disaster. What went wrong? Grooms accommodation. The first problem occurred when it became apparent there was not nearly enough accommodation for the grooms who need to be…

  • How Many People in the USA Ride a Horse Annually?

    How Many People in the USA Ride a Horse Annually?

    On Facebook 129 million people…..

  • 18-08-18  A Happy Day!

    18-08-18 A Happy Day!

    The day her mother will be very happy!

  • No Dressage Today…Wheeee!

    No Dressage Today…Wheeee!

    Today was another beautiful glowing autumn day.  I had done dressage work in the arena for the past two days and thought  that today was a day for the  outdoors and something different.  My husband agreed to come up to the grass field and do a video of Biasini.  Here is the video with his…