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  • “Anything is Available.”

    “Anything is Available.”

    “Anything is available.” This is not a philosophical reflection on life or an inspirational quote. It is a comment from Belinda Trussell in my dressage lessons. If I am walking Biasini and go to pick up the trot. Belinda will let me know if I do not plan that departure! I will get a comment…

  • “Phew”! But then “Uh Oh”!

    “Phew”! But then “Uh Oh”!

    I’m sure I am not the only amateur rider who gets through a difficult movement and thinks “Whew! Nailed it!” and then “Uh Oh!” I have lost something; the frame, the impulsion, the bend, there is always something that disappears in that split second of jubilation. In my Friday lesson this past week Belinda had…

  • Success!


    Belinda has been tireless encouraging me to persist.

  • That is MY horse!

    That is MY horse!

    It may look like she is just sitting there elegantly…