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  • Compare and Contrast, Then and Now.

    Compare and Contrast, Then and Now.

    Look at this car from the 1950s . No horse could have those colors. Oh…yes they could! Look at this! What about this? What about the coaches that took groups of people from one place to another like this colorful bus? Horses drew “bus” carriages as well . What about the heavy duty transport like…

  • Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

    Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

    This week the lens-artist challenge #58 from Patti Moed is Old, New, Borrowed and Blue. On a wedding day the Bride should wear something from each of these categories for good luck. But as Patti points out these things can bring good luck any time. So here goes! OLD Back in the day transpost was…

  • It’s Bewildering!

    It’s Bewildering!

    I hope the judge notices how shiny my hooves are!

  • The Royal Horse Show

    The Royal Horse Show

    I was looking at millions of dollars worth of dairy cows….