F.O.T.D. Hibiscus

The pink Hibiscus is blooming and it is my Flower of the Day! Such a spectacular flower measuring almost 6 inches in diameter. I shot these photos with my Canon 18-55 mm lens . I do not have a macro lens as I am usually taking photos of moving horses. But the Canon lens has…

FOTD: Wild Ones

No fertilizer, no watering, no trimming. They must fend for themselves.

FOTD: Clematis

In response to Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge here is a wonderful clematis ,that is growing up the north facing wall, beside the door to our house. It is such a glorious color. I smile every time I see it. This clematis is intertwined with another that does not bloom until the fall. I…

FOTD Delphinium

I planted a new delphinium in the back garden this spring and it has started blooming. I think it is stunning! The photo below is inspired by Cee’s photo challenges. It is shot at f25. the one above is f5. and the top one f8. I wanted to get this ‘from above’ angle and still…

F.O.T.D. Spring Blossoms

Spring has sprung and the trees and flowers have come alive. Only a couple of weeks ago we still had cold miserable weather and the garden was hiding. Then the temperature went up and BOOM! Spring burst upon us. Our driveway is lined with ornamental pear trees and this year the blossoms have been spectacular….

FOTD: Star Magnolia

We have had a cold spring here in Ontario. But, at last, a week ago the Star Magnolia was able to open its blooms. Sadly last weekend the temperatures plunged to record lows and we had snow! This decimated the poor Star Magnolia blossoms and now they are brown and wilted. I did take a…

FOTD May 5 Scilla

These are growing around the base of two Heritage Birch trees in our back garden. They are such a lovely blue and the sunlight enticed me to capture them. .