At the start of the New Year I chose a word for my “word of the year”. I chose the word resilience. I had no clue then how appropriate that word would be for 2020. Resilience: 1.the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. 2. the ability of a substance or object to spring back into…

When ordinary becomes extraordinary!

Grocery shopping. One of the ordinary necessities of life. But not now. In the ordinary pre-Covid life my husband, the cook , does most of the grocery shopping. But this time, it would be me as he has some underlying health issues. Monday morning. Up at six. The moon just setting in the west. A…

Isolation Day Three

Yesterday was day 3 of our isolation/quarantine after returning from Florida to Canada. My horse Biasini has remained in Florida so I do not have any horsey stories for you today. My husband David and I have established a routine of a morning walk and an afternoon walk. For the morning walk we went south…

I am not elderly. I'm a Queen-Ager!

The CDC in the US has advised the”elderly” to stay at home as much as possible to avoid the corona virus. And how old is “elderly”? Sixty! 60 years old. Well FGS that means at 70 almost 71 I must have at least one foot in the grave! I am in denial about my age….

Don’t Give Up, Just Turn Up!

Last Sunday Biasini and I were awarded the Reserve Championship for the FEI Freestyle classe Adult Amateur division. . The White Fences Championship Series consists of five shows starting in December and continuing to the end of April. I have competed in the January and February shows and this past weekend in the March show….