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  • Monday Portrait.

    Monday Portrait.

    This little black squirrel has picked up a seed that was dropped by the birds at the feeder above him The squirrels cannot get up the pole to the feeders, it is wrapped in metal, as you can see.

  • Life is Good!

    Life is Good!

    He buries a few kernels of corn. But will he find them again in December?

  • Squirrels on Sunday

    Squirrels on Sunday

    We had about four inches of snow earlier this week. The squirrels come to our bird feeder and pick up what has fallen to the ground. But for the little squirrels it can be hard work getting down through the snow to the seeds. My little friend White Ears persisted however. The effort is worth…

  • My Pick is: Our Visitors

    My Pick is: Our Visitors

    We live in a Covid zone that has been designated as RED. We are not in a lockdown just restricted. But the restriction on visitors does not apply to birds and squirrels. We are able to see many of these visitors from our kitchen eating area . This winter I have joined the Project Feeder…

  • Squirrels on Sunday

    Squirrels on Sunday

    We have an eat-in kitchen that has large windows facing east. Outside we have a bird feeder and enjoy watching the birds that come and go. They drop quite a bit of seed onto the grass and the pathway below the feeder and doves, who are too big for the feeder, and squirrels pick up…