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  • Water water everywhere!

    Water water everywhere!

    The weather has been hot, hot, hot and the birds both big and small have been grateful for the bird baths. It is the first time I have seen one of the mourning doves in the bird bath having a splash. At first I saw this dove in the bath and it was taking a […]

  • Spring is Emerging!

    Spring is Emerging!

    Terri has given the Sunday Stills challenge of “Emerging” this week Here is my response. Look who’s here with his breeding plumage emerging from the winter subtle colors. And in a few days he has emerged in his full yellow glory . The American Goldfinch has got a seed to eat from the feeder. Below […]

  • What’s new?

    What’s new?

    I have seen new birds that I did not see all winter at our feeders. Here is a white crowned sparrow. This elegant little bird is a ground feeder and although they are supposed to be more rare in the East of North America I have seen as many as five at a time pecking […]

  • I’m a Fan of Birdwatching!

    I’m a Fan of Birdwatching!

    This is my response to Jez’ I’m a Fan of … photo challenge. Information on the sparrows came from The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds. I have been recording all the birds I have seen at the feeders, each Saturday and Sunday, since December for the Birds Canada Winter Feederwatch project. Sadly […]

  • The Boys are Showing Off!

    The Boys are Showing Off!

    I have had an entertaining time watching the antics at the bird feeder lately. The male birds are coming into their breeding season plumage. And they do look smart. The female remains a more subdued with just a small patch of color. Much better for being less visible when on the nest. The Goldfinch boys […]

  • Warmth in the Sunday Stills

    Warmth in the Sunday Stills

    Warmth can refer to the physical temperature and to the atmosphere in a social situation. This has been a cold spring here in Ontario and we have had little warmth. The birds waiting to get to our feeders are puffing up to keep warm. Some are here in their breeding plumage but the spring warmth […]