• FOTD: The Bottle Brush

    FOTD: The Bottle Brush

    Spring has arrived in South Florida.I have been coming here for many years now and I know that the bottle brush’s red blossoms are a sure sign of spring. This is my response to Cee’sFlower of the day Challenge.

  • FOTD: Flowers or Seeds?

    FOTD: Flowers or Seeds?

    Since I am spending the winter in South Florida there are lots of trees, flowers and plants I am not familiar with. First of all here is a photo of a tree near where we are staying. I was intrigued by the blooms. Were they flowers? My husband thinks they are seed pods. We tried…

  • The Eternal Quest of Dressage.

    The Eternal Quest of Dressage.

    Many years ago my daughter and I took lessons with a trainer who used to say that the important thing in dressage was to ” Control less and Create more ” At the time I didn’t really grasp this importance but now many hours and years of dressage riding later I understand how important this…

  • Biasini Speaks: My Day Off

    Biasini Speaks: My Day Off

    Well Dear Humans after I told you about having to work 6 days a week my Humans; Ma Leueen and Trainer Lynsey decided that as I am a Senior horse of 18 years I do not have to work for all those days. So now I get TWO days off. Today was one of them.…

  • What did I learn today?

    What did I learn today?

    Before I get into what I learned today I want to show you two photos. The first is of Biasini warming up in the trot. He is stretching down and has a nice swinging in his back. In the photo below Biasini is cantering in his “up” frame. but Lynsey still has to keep him…

  • Water Water Everywhere.

    Water Water Everywhere.

    Having seen the photos of the disasterous flooding in New Zealand I almost hesitate to put up the WWE title on this post. But here is my WWE photo and the water is only where it should be. This is the pond at the barn where Biasini is living this winter .The area where you…

  • FOTD:Crinum Asiaticum

    FOTD:Crinum Asiaticum

    Below is a photo of the whole plant. This plant is new to me and Google had to identify it for me. Apparently it has escaped cultivation and naturalized in parts of Florida , Louisiana and California! I thought it would fit nicely into the Cee’s Flower of the Day photo challenge.

  • Today’s lesson: The Intermediare 1

    Today’s lesson: The Intermediare 1

    Today Lynsey had her lesson with Belinda Trussell.Lynsey and Biasini warmed up in the covered arena. At the trot Lynsey encourages Biasini to stretch down and she does rising trot to let his back swing. Belinda commented on how much she liked the trot and how nicely Biasini was swinging though his back. Lynsey let…

  • Competition Prep has begun!

    Competition Prep has begun!

    Today I watched a lesson with Lynsey riding Biasini and preparing for the upcoming horse show in 2 weeks. They began with a warm up in the covered arena. Canter work came first. “More snaffle”Belinda said to Lynsey. “More snaffle.Ride the snaffle.No left-right.” This means she wants to see Lyndsey riding with little to no…

  • Real Rose — Kaushal Kishore

    Take roses, take beautiful roses,last evening an innocent child,barefoot, in tattered clothes,was screaming and runningfrom person to person… He didn’t knowwhy people were buying roses,and what day it was,but for himit would certainly bea good dayif all his roses are soldby the end of the day… He was given some roseswith instructions to sell themat […]…

  • Wordless Wednesday.

    Wordless Wednesday.

  • Krista stands in for Lynsey.

    Krista stands in for Lynsey.

    Lynsey went home to Ontario for a few days and while she was away Krista Pollock rode Biasini.On Saturday they had a lesson with Belinda.”What would you like to work on?”Belinda asked. “Nothing! I don’t want to work on anything” Krista replied. I laughed and said:”You’ve been talking to Biasini. Maybe he doesn’t want to…

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