Biasini Speaks: Flying Reindeer?

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You don’t believe in flying reindeer? Well I can explain what I think about them. I know Leueen is on a break from the blob but I have asked her to post a link to my original blob post about reindeer and “elves” and all the Winter Festival things. Here it…

Christmas Break! LAPC #178

Christmas will soon be here. Our son , who lives in England , is here for the holidays. We have not seen him in two years. So I have decided that I will take a break from posting on the blog in order to make the most of his visit. We will all go up…

“There’s a fire behind you!”

This week I learned that there is no time to think. I must just act! “Ride like there’s a fire behind you.” My coach Belinda Trussell said this several times in my lessons. “Ride with more urgency” Ride as if there is a fire behind me? This is not about getting Biasini to go faster….

Let’s celebrate! LAPC #177

‚ÄúCelebration of life, happiness, joy, gratitude, kindness and endurance all comes from within. Then, starts reflecting in our lives. Purvi Raniga Last Sunday we celebrated Kids Day at the AHL (American Hockey League)game in the town where our daughter lives. She is the VP for Sales and Marketing for the team. She had organized kids…

Which Way?

If I could take flight and fly off into that sunset!

Olympian pretending to be a horse?

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new!  Socrates When I was a kid I used to pretend to be a horse. I would be cantering around the living room and occasionally rearing up like the Lone Ranger’s horse Silver! But I…

Reflections and Shadows: CFFC

REFLECTIONS This photo was taken at the Barbican in London. My husband took it with my camera. You can see him on the right . Our son is in the center. You can see reflections of things in the room such as the overhead lights and also you can see outside to the buildings in…

Winter Wednesday

Late afternoon. The horses are all in from the paddocks. Inside the barn they are warm and cozy. They have had their dinners and are munching their hay, settling in for the night. Winter has arrived.