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  • Canadian Eh?

    Canadian Eh?

    This past Sunday we went to watch our Grandson play hockey. They come onto the ice and do some practices first. Our Grandson is not an experienced skater as he had just started lessons back in 2019 and then Covid struck. But despite not being the best skater he loves the hockey skating. The coach…

  • We have a new chef!

    We have a new chef!

    Our Grandson stayed with us this past weekend. His favorite food is scrambled eggs. And he makes them himself: gets the eggs out of the fridge, cracks them open, puts the shells into the wet recycling bin, mixes the eggs, gets the frying pan,a spatula and cooks the eggs! He is 7 years old. .…

  • Soccer Final Summer’s almost over.

    Soccer Final Summer’s almost over.

    It was a hot day with the Temperature in the shade 31 C (that is high 90s F) In the full sun with high humidity it had a real feel of 40C.(104 F). The soccer clubs, each team divided up by age, were scheduled to play 3 games for the House League Soccer Festival. My…