Bird of the Week: Baltimore Oriole

Until recently the western populations of this bird ( the Bullocks Oriole)were thought to be a separate species for the eastern populations which were called “Baltimore Oriole” When trees were planted on the Great Plains the two forms extened their ranges and met . It was found they interbreed freely and most birds in the central plains are hybrids.

The information above came from the Audubon Society’s Field Guide to North American Birds. The only thing I know about th e Orioles is they love to eat oranges. As soon as we saw one my husband rushed out and put an orange up next to the bird feeder. We do not have them here in our garden all summer. They just seem to be here for a week or two in May and then are gone.

This is my response to I J Khanewala’s Bird of the Week challenge on his blog Don’t Hold Your Breath .





5 responses to “Bird of the Week: Baltimore Oriole”

  1. Emma Cownie Avatar

    We dont have this brightly coloured bird – he looked a little bit finch-like in the first photo but more like a robin/black bird in the other.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      He is smaller than our robins it similar in size to the English robins.

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  2. DeWetsWild Avatar

    I’m glad I don’t look like my favourite food!

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