This year the Great Charity Challenge raised $1.7Million. On March 15 the money started to be given out to the local charites and non- profits.33 non-profits, plus 12 local schools that benefitted from the main event, will receive grants ranging from $15,000 – $100,000 directly impacting 218,995 lives. An additional 42 non-profits will also receive grants ranging from $1,000 – $100,000 and impact an additional 10,000 lives.


This year the Great Charity Challenge took place on February 4. The Challenge raised $1.7 million to be distrubuted to more than 50 Palm Beach Charities. This year the hashtag “BeTheChange” was to inspire people to volunteer to assist these organizations that help many people in need in the local community. 2023 is the14th year for this challenge and over the years $19.4 million dollars have been raised and distributed to 300+ non profit organizations. So that is the amazing financial side of the GCC.

The event is exciting and a real hoot. There were 34 teams of three riders each who range from youngsters right up to Olympians. Each rider will jump seven obstacles. Rider one at 1.10 m, Rider 2 at 1.2m and Rider 3 at 1.3m. The course is judged as 21 fences and each rail down adds two seconds to the time . The team with…

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4 responses to “#BeTheChange”

  1. Lavinia Ross Avatar

    What a wonderful charity event!

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  2. Amy Avatar

    Wow! Thak you for sharing with us, Anne.

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  3. Michele Lee Avatar

    “218,995 lives” – Wow! That is exciting! Bravo! 👏🏻

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  4. Kelly MacKay Avatar

    That is some excellent fund raising

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