I know this is a tallgrass and not a flower but I think Cee will allow it in her Flower of the Day photo challenge. I may have entered this variegated grass in the FOTD challenge before. I love it because it is a survivor. It withstands the gale force winds of winter and the snow. And every spring I cut it down to stalks of about 6 inches and it grows up again . These photos do not show the variegated green and white of the leaves because they were all taken in November and December.

In the photo above you can see that the blizzard and one foot of heavy wet snow we had on December 15- 16 crushed my tall grass. It is under the snow on the bottom right of this photo. But I went out and brushed the snow off it with a broom and managed to lift most of it up. I am happy to tell you it is mostly upright again now. Survivor!!





2 responses to “FOTD”

  1. Photos by Jez Avatar

    Wonderful snowy shot, Anne 👏 Amazing how hardy grass is 😃

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thanks for commenting Jez and yes grass is so resilient

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