The Great White North!

Canada is sometimes referred to as the Great White North. Well yesterday, here in South Ontario , we had a blizzard that dumped 1 foot of heavy wet snow on us. Some places got off more lightly but where we live it gave meaning to that Great White North name. Here are some photos.

Photo above and the one below are of our back garden.

The dark eyed junko has fluffed up his feathers to keep warm.

The mourning dove has had some seeds to eat and now is having a nice nap .

There are two dark eyed Junkos perched on the star magnolia. Can you find them?

Well the snowing finally stopped today (Friday December 16) and the snow plow made it down our road. But even when the road was plowed there was only one car that drove down the road. We don’t live on a busy street but usually there is more than one car between 8 am and 9 am. I decided I would stay in for a second day. It is not so cold just one degree above freezing but the roads are a mess and now there is a thick fog. This week Cee’s Midweek Madness challenge is the Violet or White. Well no violet here but more than enough WHITE!

It’s winter in Canada eh! The Great White North.

I am editing in a photo update. Some blue sky has appeared!!





18 responses to “The Great White North!”

  1. sharonsiconictravelphotographyblog Avatar

    Looks pretty! We got rain in our last storm. At times it snowed but the temps were above freezing.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      In Toronto they just got rain and some sleet. But we are a bit farther north and higher altitude. So we got lots of snow.


  2. whippetwisdom Avatar

    What a magical Winter wonderland Anne, it looks absolutely gorgeous! Wishing you all a happy weekend and hope you stay safe and warm too 🤗🧡🐴 xxx

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      We have two wood stoves and excellent central heating so we are warm for sure. June,our little dog, loves to lie in front of the wood stove in the evenings while we watch TV. Have a happy weekend Xenia 😊

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  3. Neal Saye Avatar

    Anne, these are gloriously beautiful pictures!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Neal!


  4. Tanooki Avatar

    You captured such adorable birds in snow👀✨

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I love to see them and they survive well in the cold and snow.

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  5. Pepper Avatar

    Oh, no! Looks beautiful but stay safe. 😊

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      It is beautiful. I am always cautious in snow.

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      1. Pepper Avatar

        Smart to be cautious. I have had one broken wrist that needed surgery to put multiple bones back together from a silly fall from not being careful. 🤪

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  6. Cee Neuner Avatar

    Wonderful snowy whites for this week. Snow can be so pretty 😀

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    1. Laura Avatar

      How beautiful, we only got three to four inches then another snowfall but it didn’t last long. Aren’t those tiny Juncos amazing there are many here flying into the pine trees for warmth. I love the image of the dove, I haven’t seen any since our nighttime temperatures dropped to single digits. Have a restful weekend.

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      1. anne leueen Avatar

        We have lots of doves. Sometimes a whole flock of 20 + will land and eat seeds that other birds have dropped from the feeders. The like to sit in the magnolia or the mountain ash in between eating bird seeds. Have a happy and peaceful weekend Laura.

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  7. Amy Avatar

    I love the pine trees covered with snow. Stay warm!

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