And so it Begins…

The fall colors have started here. Just here and there in some trees but it is beginning. So I am delighted to submit this post to Dawn who is hosting, again, the Festival of Leaves.





21 responses to “And so it Begins…”

  1. sharonsiconictravelphotographyblog Avatar

    It snowed on Whiteface Mountain in NY today.

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  2. Wind Kisses Avatar

    Just a sprinkle with more to look forward to. It would be fun to have you take a weekly photo from this spot each week, So pretty. Donna

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  3. Sue (Mac's Girl) Avatar

    Nicely captured shot of the first signs of Autumn, Anne.

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  4. Lesley Avatar

    Beautiful photo, Anne. I love the autumn colours. It’s surprisingly mild here in England today – a perfect autumn day! 😀

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  5. Michele Lee Avatar

    That is a gorgeous tree-lined street! A lovely photo, Anne. Enjoy the season!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Michele. This is the street we live on!

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  6. sharonsiconictravelphotographyblog Avatar

    I don’t think the colors will be brilliant this year near me. Trees started changing a little here in August straight to brown.

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  7. sandyjwhite Avatar

    I love those first pops of color!

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  8. J.W.S. Avatar

    You lucky to have a grand season to anticipate.

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      1. J.W.S. Avatar

        Sorry for my poor grammar in my last comment.. I blame it on bad fingers and compromised vision….or maybe just bad editing

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        1. anne leueen Avatar

          No worries. I make endless typos.😊

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  9. Prior... Avatar

    I love those boys if color and it really does signal the fall change is upon us !

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  10. cagedunn Avatar

    We have the spring flowers and grass growing a foot a day!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      The different hemispheres!

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  11. Robert Parker Avatar

    I’ve always ignored the scientific explanation for the color change, to me it will always be pure magic.

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