Feng de Lys: First time for the FEI Prix St. George.

Feng de Lys , ridden by Belinda Trussell, went into the ring on Friday, August 26, to compete in the FEI Prix St. George. If you are not familiar with Dressage this level is an International level. What this means is that the test is the same the world over. Lower level tests are written by the various countries where they are ridden. Canada and the USA share the same tests all written by the USDF (US Dressage Federation). In Britain the tests are written by British Dressage and Germany by the German Federation etc etc. But when you get up to the FEI (Federation Equestrian International) the tests are the same no matter where you are competing. The Prix St. George is the start of the FEI tests. They go on up through the Intermediare level tests and finally the Grand Prix tests. Believe me it is a Big Deal when you get to the PSG. It is especially a Big Deal when the judge is a 5* Olympic level judge. Feng de Lys and Belinda had Stephen Clarke as their judge. He is a 5* judge who has judged at Olympics and major championships all over the world.

Here are some photos of Feng and Belinda.

Black horse ride by rider in tall boots and tail coat.
Black horse in extended trot in dressage test
The extended trot.
Black horse in extended walk in dressage test.
The extended walk was relaxed and yet forward moving
Black horse cantering in dressage test.
An uphill canter.
Horse in canter flying lead change.
The 4 tempis ( changes of lead every 4th stride) and the 3s (changes every 3rd stride) were all clean and correct.
Black horse and rider at halt and salute to judge at end of dressage test.
The halt and salute at the end of the test. It had all gone well.

Belinda gave Feng a big pat after the final halt. She was happy with their test and the effort Feng had given her for this baptism into the FEI levels.

What did judge Stephen Clarke think about the test? He gave Feng and Belinda a 72.206 A Fabulous score for their first Prix St. George and they were the winners of the class. A great start for the FEI levels I would say!





2 responses to “Feng de Lys: First time for the FEI Prix St. George.”

  1. Marsha Ingrao (@MarshaIngrao) Avatar

    Feng is so perfect he almost looks like a statue. The riding photos you took are gorgeous. I can see why they did so well. It is amazing what animals can and are willing to do for the people that love them. I watched a Netflix documentary on cats last night. They have such a bad reputation for trainability, but you should see what they can do.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. scampertotellthestory Avatar

    Amazing job well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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