Soccer Final Summer’s almost over.

It was a hot day with the Temperature in the shade 31 C (that is high 90s F) In the full sun with high humidity it had a real feel of 40C.(104 F). The soccer clubs, each team divided up by age, were scheduled to play 3 games for the House League Soccer Festival. My husband and I went to cheer on our almost 8 year old Grandson. We met our daughter at the park, set up our chairs and unfurled our umbrellas to give us a bit of shade.

Our Grandsons first match was at 11 am and his team was in fluorescent green shirts. The whistle blew and they were off and running .

Our Grandson is wearing yellow and orange soccer shoes.

The match had two 20 minute periods but due to the heat the coaches could call time out and the team could get some shade in this tent and have a drink of water.

Our Grandson is wearing the orange overshirt that identifies him as the goalie. Here he gives the ball a kick back towards one of his teammates. The coach assigns the goalie position to various kids during the match.
In between the games the kids could cool off in the parks Splash Pad. Our Grandson and one of his teammates, who has kept her team t-shirt on, get cooled off before going to play the second match at 1pm.
The team was lucky as the last match of the day was cancelled as several of the players, from the other team, had gone home due to the heat. Our Grandson got a medal from the coach to celebrate the 2022 Season of Soccer club. Currently he does not like having his photo taken but he was happy to be able to call it a day and not have to play a third match in the heat!

It was fun for us to watch the kids play. Most of us adult were sweating just sitting and watching! With soccer over our Grandson will be back to school soon and then skating for the winter months.





6 responses to “Soccer Final Summer’s almost over.”

  1. SportPsychologyForEveryone Avatar

    These are the moments that kids remember later on in life, keep going to as many games as possible. Even if it doesn’t seem like you are getting much out of it and sitting in the heat cannot possibly be the most comfortable thing to do, this is the kind of support that kids need. 🙂

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  2. J.W.S. Avatar

    We are big fans of soccer aka football in England. Well done!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Our son who lives in England loves footie as he calls it. He goes to lots of matches.

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  3. popsiclesociety Avatar

    A fun and hot day ⚽️😉

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