Summer Vibes: LAPC #208

This week Lens Artists guest host Andre of Solaner blog has given us the photo challenge of Summer Vibes. For me that is horse shows. Here are some photos of summer shows in Ontario.

Summer is also a grand time to get out to the forest trails. There may be bugs but my fly swisher gets rid of them.

This is my Grandson on a beach in South Carolina. He had never seen the ocean. What did he do? Ran down and leapt into the water. My daughter had to run in and get him. He can swim but the ocean is not a pool or a lake. Summer!! Take a look at Andre’s post and see other bloggers responses in the comments. Thanks for this challenge Andre.


12 responses to “Summer Vibes: LAPC #208”

  1. Leya Avatar

    Lovely, Anne!

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  2. JohnRH Avatar

    Excellent. That fly swisher photo is always my fave. At least your grandson is not timid about the water!!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      No he is not and he can swim but I understand his Mum’s concerns

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  3. Obong eno Avatar

    Gorgeous pictures ❣️

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      1. Obong eno Avatar

        You are most welcome ❤️

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  4. Lillian-Keith Avatar

    Wow, the sky above the arena is beautiful! Oh, I have family in South Carolina and they sometimes visit the beach too; sounds like your grandson had a great time!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      He did have a great time. But he is a bit too confident in the ocean. So my daughter has to keep a close eye on him

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  5. solaner Avatar

    Nice story 👍 and a wonderful collection

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