The rider’s point of view. Chris von Martels

First of all I have a much better photo of Chris von Martels and Eclips than the one from my pc screen.

Photo credit: MacMillan Photography & Media Services

Chris had this to say in an interview with Equestrian Canada:

“We had expensive mistakes that costs us quite a few points but overall, I’m thrilled with him and think he’s an exceptional horse,” said von Martels of Eclips, whom he acquired in December 2019 and began showing at the international level one year later. “It’s his first real year of Grand Prix so obviously, I was hoping for a different result but that’s also part of the sport. I do feel like we have a very good friendship. It’s sort of a green-ish combination but there’s a lot of great things we’ve had together in a short period of time.”

Well for their first year at GP they did well. Bravo to horse and rider.





2 responses to “The rider’s point of view. Chris von Martels”

  1. firnhyde Avatar

    It’s quite something to be at the Olympics considering it’s Eclips’ first year of GP, wow! I didn’t even know that. Thank you for covering this event with so much excitement and positivity. It’s a privilege to watch these incredible athletes – equine and human – perform!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thanks for taking the time to comment


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