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  • Friday Night Stars!

    Friday Night Stars!

    Just to be clear the stars are the horses and riders performing their freestyles to music at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. In case you are not familiar with dressage freestyles these are choreographed to show the movements from the dressage tests the horse is currently competing at. For the Friday nights these are horses…

  • The Grand Prix. The Pressure!

    The Grand Prix. The Pressure!

    Think about human athletes. Not everyone wants to go to the Olympics and face the pressure of that event. Other athletes come alive in that pressure. Think about any human performer. Not every singer or musician wants to be out on the stage of a gigantic stadium, like Wembley, in front of tens of thousands…

  • The rider’s point of view. Chris von Martels

    The rider’s point of view. Chris von Martels

    First of all I have a much better photo of Chris von Martels and Eclips than the one from my pc screen. Chris had this to say in an interview with Equestrian Canada: “We had expensive mistakes that costs us quite a few points but overall, I’m thrilled with him and think he’s an exceptional…

  • Micah Deligdish: Putting Israel on the World’s Dressage stage.

    Micah Deligdish: Putting Israel on the World’s Dressage stage.

    “I saw a horse at a fair and I fell in love. At five I was begging my parents for lessons. They thought I would quit but I didn’t. By the time I was eight I did my first rated show, in dressage, and gave up all other sports. I was so young when I…

  • Kindred Spirits.Anton and Me.

    Kindred Spirits.Anton and Me.

    “You and Anton are kindred spirits.” My coach Belinda Trussell said this to me on a day she had been riding her Grand Prix mount Anton. “Is that because we are both ‘elders’?” I asked. “It’s because you both have so much energy! And because you are both older.” Belinda replied. WHO IS ANTON? Belinda…

  • Cricket, Dressage and Watching Paint Dry!

    Cricket, Dressage and Watching Paint Dry!

    “Dressage? Ugh…it’s about as interesting as watching paint dry.” If I had a hot meal for every time I’ve heard that I would be well fed for a month. So it seems that the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) is trying to make dressage at the top level more interesting and attract a bigger audience. To…

  • Florence is not invited!

    Florence is not invited!

    She may change her mind about where she is going to land….

  • The Dreaded Zig Zag!

    The Dreaded Zig Zag!

    She is, of course, quicker than me!

  • Megan Lane:Competing for the Worlds

    Megan Lane:Competing for the Worlds

    …A sort of triple threat ….

  • London 2012 Olympics: we arrive!

    London 2012 Olympics: we arrive!

    One poster featured a horse!