Where are the Veterans?Who do we remember?

Leading up to Remembrance /Veterans Day I will be paying tribute to some of the horses who have also served. and will be reblogging some posts.


In the hour just before dawn the troops assemble. The cavalry horses line up , side by side, they snort and paw, their riders give them a reassuring pat. “Whoa now son,” one says. “We’ll be on to victory in a minute.”  In his heart he knew that they could well be on to their death or worse but he did not want his brave horse to know that.


“Steady now.” The Commander used a low voice. The sun was just about to rise over the field. The farmer’s field that only a few months ago had grown wheat. Now the wheat was gone. Now it was to be the field of battle.

One horse begins to paw the ground anxiously. The foot soldiers are lining up behind them. And then……the sun rises above the morning mist. The standard bearer sits taller in his saddle. The drum roll. The bugle…

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11 responses to “Where are the Veterans?Who do we remember?”

  1. kunstkitchen Avatar

    Thanks for the book “The Perfect Horse” I’ll be reading it.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      It is very interesting.

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      1. kunstkitchen Avatar

        It’s just fascinating. Thanks!

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      2. kunstkitchen Avatar

        I have seen the Lippizaners perform here two different times. Spellbinding performances for me to see.

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        1. anne leueen Avatar

          Oh my! That would have been wonderful. I saw them in Vienna doing their morning warm up and schooling but I have never seen the performances. I am always impressed by how well those horses stand up to the work for many years. To me that means they have the ideal conformation and the training is excellent and respectful of the horses well being.

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          1. kunstkitchen Avatar

            Oh how cool to have seen them in Vienna! They are magnificent.

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  2. Auntysocial Avatar

    During all the years I worked with older people, I heard some incredible stories and things you’d think too OTT if they were written into the plot of a movie. Those people were incredible and one of the reasons I loved to work nights was because it offered the chance and time to sit with someone if they couldn’t sleep, make a cup of tea and get parked on the bed for a chat.

    One lady “Kathleen” had her father’s framed certificate on the wall and his medals and told me how he was in the Royal Calvary during the first World War having never so much as stroked a horse when he first signed up and later going on to become a high ranking officer and instructor. Can’t remember exactly how many horses he had think she said three or four he rode with and were sadly lost.

    Despite his deep bond and relationship with them, his skill as a horseman and the opportunity being afforded to him more than once, she said he never had another horse and refused to let her and her sister have one either.

    That to me suggests a man whose heart was utterly devastated by the loss of his horses and his understandable reluctance to put himself through it again 😦

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Oh my goodness what a heartbreaking story. I think you are right. He did not want his children to have that grief. That war was so devastating. My Grandfather came back from it and would never speak about it. He had lost all of his friends. Every one he knew from school had been killed. My Grandmother’s brother also came back, retreated to a small house in the country, never married and became something of a recluse. I’m sure he had PTSD but in those days that was not treated or recognized at that time. The upside is now horses are an important part of the therapy for the wounded warriors. Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it.

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  3. Emma Cownie Avatar

    Animals never sign up for war but are often victims of it, like are children too.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      You are right Emma. I don’t think any animal l would sign up for war.

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  4. sandyjwhite Avatar

    I look forward to it, Anne.

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