Walking…to keep our sanity.

The weather has turned fractionally warmer and we were able to set out without our arctic jackets. I am so grateful for living in the country and being able to get outside. Once outside I can hear birdsong and breathe fresh air. It helps me to think that this Covid-19 crisis will not last forever and eventually life will carry on. We took a walk on a friend’s land and it was a lovely walk that took us over an hour including to and from our house.

The small lake alongside the road still has ice.

When we were on our friend’s land there was an old road to follow.

This led to a lake.

After walking for some time we turned around to head home.

There was some color as a sign of spring as we walked.

Once we reached the road again we could see two other people also walking. No worries about physical distancing however. In this photo if you look carefully you can see the tiny dark figures, on the left, at the top of the rise in the road.

In the afternoon we did something quite different. Fellow Blogger Susie at Susiesopinions ( click to see her Zumba links) had posted links to some Zumba videos on You Tube. We connected my pc to the bigger screen tv in the living room and danced away. It is great exercise and a lot of fun. And NO….. I will not be sharing a video of us zumba-ing.

Stay well. Stay home.


15 responses to “Walking…to keep our sanity.”

    1. anne leueen Avatar

      This is the upside of being in isolation as I usually do not have enough time to do longer walks. Good to know you enjoy walking.

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  1. Alli Farkas Avatar

    It looks a bit like my local scenery, sans snow–thankfully. A few days ago we did our occasional 3-mile round trip hike to town because we knew everything would be closed and we wouldn’t run into anybody. It was interesting, if strange, to see everything close up on what would usually have been a busy pedestrian day.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I’m glad that in your part of the world people are taking this seriously. Stay well Alli


  2. Irene Tron, Heaven's Sunshine Avatar

    Thanks for the smiles from the pics of your lovely walk and the giggle when thinking of you Zumba dancing. You are much braver than I am. 😊

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  3. violaetcetera Avatar

    Same here, we stay mostly home, walk the dogs and are mindful of social distancing. Not being able to see my parents is hard, though.
    Take care!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      You take care too Viola!


  4. Jen Avatar

    It’s a great time to be exploring the beautiful countryside!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      It is indeed Jen. thanks!

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  5. Gavin and Wyatt Avatar

    Good for you..have fun when you can…Zumba and more.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thanks and the same to you.Have fun and stay well.


  6. dprastka Avatar

    EXCELLENT photos!! And am so happy you can get outside, breathe fresh air and exercise!! It’s nice visiting with you today virtually, so awesome! Have a good weekend! ❀️πŸ₯°

    Liked by 2 people

    1. anne leueen Avatar

      You have a good weekend too Diana and stay well!

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  7. susiesopinions Avatar

    Just come in after walking around our neighborhood

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