Review: Equi-Clean Wipes!

Equi-Clean disposable wipes are something new to me and I was happy to receive a sample and try them out. I also gave several to professional groom Alexis (Lexi) Bradbury. Lexi grooms for my coach Canadian Olympian Belinda Trussell. She has five to seven horses a day to groom. Both of us loved the Equi- Clean wipes and here is why:

SIZE These are not diddly little wipes for babies bottoms they are BIG WIPES for horses! The size means you are not having to fold and refold the wipe to find a clean bit to wipe with. Horses are large animals and these wipes are the right size for the job.

Biasini gives his approval to these nice big wipes.

THEY WORK! Here is a photo of a wipe that I used on my horse Biasini after I had ridden him. He had been curried and brushed before riding so he was not ‘in from the field’ dirty. But the Equi-Clean wipe found lots of dust to remove and the darker bits were where I had wiped inside his nostrils.

The wipes are very handy for cooler weather when the horse may have some sweat under the saddle but not enough to warrant a bath. I don’t like to bath Biasini in the cooler weather as it is harder to get him dried out afterwards. The wipes have Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Comfrey, Lavender and Thyme and I am keen to use them in Florida in the winter to deal with the problem of face gunge (fungus) that happens in the heat and humidity there.

Lexi found that all of the horses she grooms liked the wipes and in particular reacted well to having their faces cleaned with them. One of the horses is highly sensitive to any products and she used it on his face and he did not have any allergic reaction. It is worth noting that these wipes are USEF Therapeutic Substance Rule Compliant.

CLEANS TACK AS WELL I also cleaned my double bridle , girth and tall boots with the wipes. It did an excellent job quickly .

Lexi and I both loved these wipes and would recommend them to anyone who has a horse. We give them FIVE STARS If you would like more information go to :

Professional groom Alexis Bradbury. with the conveniently packaged Equi-Clean wipes.

*I was not paid or compensated for this review. It is my own valid and honest opinion, with information of my own or as appropriately sourced.*


15 responses to “Review: Equi-Clean Wipes!”

  1. David Avatar

    It’s about time! My daughters were musing about how a horse-sized baby wipe would be ideal last winter. And, to be rule compliant, that’s even better. 🙂

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      And since I deal with a lot of skin stuff in Florida in the winter when we go down there I like the fact that the herbs are antibacterial and anti fungal
      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Emma Cownie Avatar

    They look very useful. I use baby wipes to clean my paintbrushes and hands with as I get very mucky when I paint.

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  3. Irene Avatar

    Amazing! 😊

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  4. Judy Avatar

    What a great combination!

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  5. Robert Parker Avatar

    I could’ve used these myself, when walking on the muggiest days this summer. Your horse does seem to be nodding approval.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Yes he does and if he did not that would be the end of that! Thanks for commenting Robert.


  6. dprastka Avatar

    Excellent review! I need to purchase some of these especially for the winter coming. Like you, I don’t like to get them all wet if they sweat after riding as they take so long to dry. And I love we can use on their face and tack for a good wipe down. Thanks for sharing!! Never seen these before now! 😃

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I think they are a relatively new product that’s why I was asked to review them.

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      1. dprastka Avatar

        Oh that makes sense then since I’ve not seen them. They look like they really make grooming even better!!

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  7. Susan Towns Avatar
    Susan Towns

    hey beautiful chic, thanks for sharing, I will get me some of these for sure. Hope you are happy, healthy and enjoying life..give your other half a hug from Steve and I

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I genuinely think they are a good product. Nice to hear from you Susie! We are all well here and getting a new puppy today!!! Hope all is well with you and Steve and that Grand Cutie of yours.


  8. Nilzeitung Avatar

    Echt Toll, das ist Economic Haltung !!! umweltfreundlich !!!

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  9. jezbraithwaite Avatar

    You could clean a whole baby with one of those and still have a clean bit left 😂

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Jez I think you could do triplets with these wipes with no problem. Thanks for this comment it made me smile!

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