Marching Lines, Mounted Lines, Lined up Lines!

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is “Lines”.  Here is my response with photos from the rehearsal of the  Trooping of the Color in London England. Lines marching and mounted coming up the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace and the Horse Guards lined up waiting to start down the Mall.



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8 responses to “Marching Lines, Mounted Lines, Lined up Lines!”

  1. Nature on the Edge Avatar

    Amazing, I love all that pomp and ceremony especially the horse brigade.

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  4. Jeff Rab Avatar

    Great, colorful pictures. This would be an awesome site to see!!!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      It is very impressive! The sound of all those hooves on the pavement, the marching bands and there is also a mounted band. The drum horse is quided by the rider who has the reins attached to his feet!

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      1. Jeff Rab Avatar

        I guess I am a rookie, novice….did not notice that, and after studying the pictures again…still don’t notice! Lol. Foot reins, however, makes it all the more impressive!!

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        1. anne leueen Avatar

          No worries! It’s not you. The photos only have the mounted guards not the mounted band. The ban wear yellow embroidered jackets and carry their instruments in one hand and reins in the other. When they are playing they drop the reins onto the horse’s neck. The drum horse has two huge bass drims strapped onto him. The rider has the drum sticks one in each hand. The drum horse is a heavy horse cross and colored like a paint ( black and white or brown and white). He also has ‘feathers’ of white hair on his legs. Anyway I will find a photo of the mounted band and email it to you if you have an email in your ‘contact’ section on your blog.

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          1. Jeff Rab Avatar

            That’s just incredible! Talent, skill, cooperation, cost, training, time, all come together in a magnificent procession!

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