This is an excellent blog post about our responsibilities as horse owners to the horses who serve us so well.

Horse Wisdom

I slowed my car and carefully drove onto the grass bank as there wasn’t a safe place to park on the narrow country lane. The moment I spotted the horse I could tell something was wrong. I wondered how many drivers had passed this location and either didn’t spot the problem, or didn’t care. I slowly approached the horse while uttering soothing words, the words didn’t matter, perhaps I was just trying to calm myself. The animal was surrounded by at least 2 days’ worth of manure, and this angered me. I reached down the leg and tried to remove the fencing wire that was wrapped several times around the fetlock. But one pair of hands wasn’t enough. I needed someone to stop the horse from pulling back from pain. I envisioned the horse damaging itself further, probably catastrophically. I called the fire-brigade and told them to leave the sirens…

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3 responses to “Retirement”

  1. E. Denise Billups Avatar

    I almost shed a tear. The world is a better place with your heart and soul to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Thanks for this piece Anne!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I can’t take credit for writing this myself as it is a reblog but I thought it was so important and also well wriiten that I reblogged it. Thanks for your comment.

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      1. E. Denise Billups Avatar

        Well, it was a good reblog, thank you 🙂

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