Product Review: Omega Alpha’s Vantiox

Race horses, jumpers and eventers are the track and field athletes in the equine world. What about dressage horses? What are they? Dressage horses are the weightlifters.  This is hard work that requires muscle and strength. When moving up the levels and increasing what is being asked of the horse I wondered if there was anything I could give Biasini that would help in this process.

I have used several different products made by Omega Alpha for different horses over the years and I have been both happy and impressed with all of them. I have written reviews of products I use with my horse Biasini before and they can be found in the “reviews” section of the blog.

Vantiox is described by Omega Alpha as an anti-oxidant and a muscle and cell protector.  I am sure that you have seen lots of products advertised for humans that claim anti -oxidant properties.  In the world we live in it would seem to be an important consideration.  Needless to say I think it is also important for my horse.

I started using Vantiox last summer ( 2016).  At the time I was working with my coach in Canada, Belinda Trussell, on improving Biasini’s gaits and his frame. Or perhaps I should say we were working on improving my riding so I could improve the gaits and frame!

Horses naturally travel with the majority of their weight on their forehand. In dressage as we move up the levels we ask the horse to carry more and more weight on his hind quarters and hind legs. This is where the “weightlifting” comes in.  I noticed during the summer that at the end of my lessons there were areas of muscle in Biasini’s hind end , his glutes if you like, were sweating. Those muscles were working!

Biasini regularly gets massage and chiropractic both at home and in Florida. The reports from the therapists were always good. He had no areas of muscle soreness or inflammation. In Florida we are in full training five days a week. Still the massage therapist and chiropractor have not found areas of concern.  I think the Vantiox has helped with this.

Here are two photos for comparison. Both are taken by Susan  J. Stickle, at the Global  Dressage Festival with Biasini and me competing in the Prix St. George. On the top a photo from 2016 and on the bottom a photo one year later 2017. I think it is possible to see the development in his hind end, shoulder and neck as he has grown stronger. He is better able to increase collection and bring up his shoulder and neck.

Let me be clear! I do NOT mean that Vantiox produced this. The work over the months has produced this and the Vantiox helped Biasini not to become stiff and sore while this muscle building work was being done.

I will keep Vantiox as one of the supplements from Omega Alpha that I use on a daily basis. To learn more about Omega Alpha and see my reviews of the other products I use please see the “reviews” section at the top of the Home screen.


*I was not paid or compensated for this review. It is my own valid and honest opinion, with information of my own or as appropriately sourced.*





















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