Graceful: showing grace of form, movement or proportion.

Graceful. This is the Word Press Challenge this week. Well it is an easy one for me. If graceful is defined as showing grace of form, movement and proportion then my answer to the challenge lies in horses.  Horses are naturally graceful and show grace in their movement, form and proportion. Here are some photos..







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  1. I love it. I ride horses all the time i have three horses of my own and i’m about to get rid of one a get a much bigger one because i use to ride western but now i got into English riding about a year ago. I love these horses they are so beautiful and graceful

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  2. I love the definition of graceful. I think horses meet all those criteria. The pictures are lovely.

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  3. Cheri says:

    Another beautiful post. I love stopping by your page.

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  4. Nice shots for this challenge, Anne.


  5. I love to watch the graceful trotting of the horses. Great photos. Miriam


    1. anne leueen says:

      Thank you. They are beautiful animals and a joy to photograph.

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      1. I don’t have photos of horses on the side view, so I’ll post something else for the challenge!

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      1. Horses are always graceful aren’t they?

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      2. anne leueen says:

        Yes I think they are!

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      3. anne leueen says:

        I see the picture of a little schnauzer! We have one, she is our third schnauzer. Wonderful little dogs.


      4. Oh wonderful. This is my 5th one since 1980. This one is my life line, buddy and all my joy. He is already going to 7 years this year. They are worth having


      5. anne leueen says:

        Ours ( female named Tia) is 11 now and very fit. My husband spends a lot of time with her and takes her everywhere with him.


      6. Awesome! Mine is a male named Trompie and we keep each other fit by taking walks at least 4 times a day. I’m in a flat and we need the fresh air and exercise. I’m 71 and need the walks too.

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      7. anne leueen says:

        When my husband went to the cardiologist one of the questions on the form was ;” Do you own a dog for exercise?”. So the medical profession recognizes the value of having a dog ! My husband turns 70 in March!


      8. Shows you how important a dog is for body and soul.


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