Tis the Season….

I returned to Ontario yesterday after having settled my horse Biasini into a new barn in South Florida. When the family Christmas celebrations are over my husband and I will return to Florida.  It is just a 3 hour flight but what a difference in climate. Here is our back garden today.


Would  you believe that there is a swimming pool out there? Yes, for the winter it is partially drained and covered. The squirrels and chipmunks are still active and leaving little paw marks in the snow.

Before we started going to Florida for the winter I loved to go for a trail ride in the snow.  There are few things more fun that galloping up a snow covered hill and having the powdery snow fly up around you.  But I’m not complaining about missing that for the benefits of a nice warm winter in Florida. It is my good fortune to be retired and able to go there for the winter months.

Want to know what the garden looks like in August?  Here it is. Not quite the same angle for the photo but you get the contrast. Life in four seasons!







One response to “Tis the Season….”

  1. Avery Avatar

    Both so beautiful! Maybe someone will take you on a trail ride through the snow!


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