Monday Minstrel: A Requiem

M’Lords, Ladies, Gentlemen, Friends and Fellow Bloggers we are gathered here today to pay our last respects to the Burgundy Boots. The Boots began life at Der Dau boot makers in 2006 and have spent the last ten years in faithful service. These are not the flashy paten leather shine of the show boots. No, these boots are the worker boots, serving in the trenches of the day to day dressage, pressed against the sides of sweating horses, year in year out. They were polished with old school boot polish and conditioned with the best products. They were re-souled , re-heeled, and repaired over their years of service. But in the  last few months, although they maintained an outward appearance of good condition, on the inside they were failing. Terminal wear and tear had set in. Sad gaping holes appeared on the inside, the upper boot detached from the foot of the boot and…well, let us not dwell on this now. Let us remember them in their glory days.

On Oct.26,2016 they passed on. They will be laid to rest later today with full honors and may they rest in a well earned peace. They are survived by Burgundy  Boots II. Boots II has been apprenticing the work for a few months and is both willing and able to pick up and carry on.







One response to “Monday Minstrel: A Requiem”

  1. David Avatar

    “these boots are the worker boots”

    It is the same quote my own horsewomen would say. The worker boots take a beating and come back for more in all kinds of conditions. Their nice, high polish black English tall boots, that is for the show ring.

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