Monday Minstrel: Meet an Olympian!


Anton in his paddock at Oakcrest Farm


Good morning! My name is Anton. I hope you don’t mind if I continue snacking here while we talk. This grass is so delicious. I know you’re here to talk with me because I’m an Olympian. Yes, I went to Rio De Janiero and I took my rider , Belinda Trussell. She was very excited about it all. I was cool because I’ve been to other big competitions like the World Equestrian Games in France and the Pan American Games here at home in Toronto. Also I was named “Horse of the Year” by Equestrian Canada. That is a great honor.  But, you know, every athlete dreams of going to the Olympics and it has always been a dream of mine too. So yes, I was a tiny bit excited and  just a tiny bit nervous. Once I arrived and settled in to my room I was fine. It was a thrill to be there for sure.

Belinda and I were representing Canada in the dancing horse competition that the humans call Dressage. We didn’t win a medal but we did very well. Belinda really did everything I asked. She did. She has come such a long way in the last couple of years. So I was very happy with her. Our first competition test was the Carimbo  Grand Prix dance and we did well with that. Belinda tried so hard , she was so focused and with me during the whole test. We got a good enough score to go on to the next phase which was the  Special Samba. That is my specialty. I have taught Belinda how to follow me and she really did a great job. Unfortunately Belinda had a couple of tiny mistakes and our score was just a gnat’s whisker short of qualifying us to go into the individual final. I was a bit disappointed as I had choreographed a really super piece for it and I could have shown off my best and most impressive dance moves. But…it was still wonderful to have been there in Rio. It’s something very special to be an Olympian.

And what am I doing now? Well in the mornings I get to come out here to this lovely paddock. This is the best paddock at the farm. Well, of course , I get the best paddock because I’m the Olympic horse.  In the afternoons I still work out, usually 45 minutes to an hour with some cardio to start and then strength training. I have to stay in top condition in case Equestrian Canada calls on me to represent my country again. So I’m in great shape and really enjoying my life.

It’s been a pleasure talking to you. If you would like an autographed photo of me just ask the barn manager Carl, he has them in my file and he’ll give you one.

Have a great day!


Belinda rio
Anton and his rider , Belinda Trussell , at the Rio Olympics.


5 responses to “Monday Minstrel: Meet an Olympian!”

  1. teaismyjam Avatar

    This is so well written! I love the horses perspective!


    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed it. Anton is quite a character so it is not hard to give him a voice!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. teaismyjam Avatar

        You can also see how proud he is of himself and that he never lets himself go overboard. I really liked it a lot

        Liked by 1 person

  2. nathaswami Avatar

    Straight from the horse’s mouth account !


    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Exactly! You are correct nathaswami.


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