Product Review: Equus Soap Co. Bit Balm

Two years ago Biasini got a “summer sore” at the corner of his mouth. Summer sores are a ghastly downside of spending the winter in Florida. They occur on areas of moisture : wounds, and corners of eyes and mouth. The sore had to be cut out of the side of his mouth and for about six weeks I rode in a hackamore.  He healed well once we went home to Canada but there is scar tissue.  Now I always want the corners of his mouth to be well lubricated when the bit is in his mouth.  I have been using Vaseline for this and it does fulfill the requirement. However….I am not entirely comfortable putting a petroleum product into my horse’s mouth every day. Don’t get me wrong I am not a rabid ‘greenie’ and my friends know I never eat kale but….. petroleum product in my horse’s mouth is where I would like to draw the line.

Other considerations are that Vaseline gets all over my hands and all over the noseband and makes the curb chain ( when riding in the double bridle) slippery and difficult to manoeuver.  At the end of the ride there is black on the bit rings and …well it is just messy gloopy stuff.

When I saw that Equus Soap Co. had a bit balm I immediately wanted to try it.  I contacted the Sarah Griffiths DHC , classical homeopath and pet nutritionist. She agreed to send me some bit balm to try.


The bit balm has been a real success. Biasini likes it. It does an excellent job of lubricating the sides of his mouth without goop. The noseband, curb chain, and my hands stay goop free as well. The ingredients are oils of: olive/coconut/apricot/hypericum/calendula, beeswax, 100% pure essential oils of lavender/lemongrass/Rosemary . It smells lovely and can also be used as a healing salve for cuts and scrapes. Finally— it is totally edible!

The Equus Soap Co. makes a number of different soaps, equine shampoo, saddle soap and conditioner. So far the only product I have tried is the bit balm but that has been a success so I am thinking about trying some more products.  As the company is based in Langley BC it is nice to find products like this in Canada and support the business. I will certainly continue to use the bit balm. Biasini agrees!

11144934_1442583976037206_3676564653306193387_nEquus Soap Co. can be found on Facebook.


*I was not paid for or compensated for this review; it is my own valid and honest opinion, with information of my own and as appropriately sourced.*



2 responses to “Product Review: Equus Soap Co. Bit Balm”

  1. nathaswami Avatar

    You seem to take a good care of your charge


    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thanks for stopping by nathaswami. Biasini is a wonderful horse so he deserves to be well looked after. The hard part is that he does not speak so I have to observe him closely to know what he is thinking and feeling.

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