The Monday Minstrel: Cambodia

In 2011 my husband David and I went to Cambodia. It had been a long held dream of mine to see the temples of Angkor in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  As we walked toward the largest of the temples, Angkor Wat, I saw this little pony. As well as the decorative adornments on his bridle he had a little saddle. He was not there for tourists like me but for the children of Cambodians who were in the park around the temple.

He was well looked after. His weight was good, coat healthy and well groomed, feet well trimmed. His owner did not ask for any money from me when I took the photo but I gave it to him anyway. Everyone has to make a living and he was looking after his pony very well.

This was the only horse or pony I saw in Angkor. But carved on the temple walls there was evidence that horses have been a part of Cambodian history. Here is one. Next week I will show you some more.


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